sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012

DRONES, aircraft Unmanned

Drones, drones, created to kill.

Drones are created by aircraft defense system of the United States of America and in countries like England, Israel and others. Drones selective equals death. Death that are used immorally leaving "collateral damage". On behalf of the defense of a war against terrorism, the use of Drones performs outrageous acts of terrorism. Backed by different Congresses, thousands have died over the Drones.
Wars are not necessary, are the product of selfish interests, inhuman, governments seeking to exercise control over you, over me, over all.
Terrorism is created, endorsed, supported by countries that need to generate fear, a fear that prevents you see the reality, you paralyze the power to discern. They need to make each of us a "blob" mass not think. Not question the social mass, acts only as you say and responds to a well-known natural feel these governments: fear.
A fear that endorsing ending greed of these governments go ahead with your help, with your help.
Drones, drones to kill selectively. But what does selectively? Operate on a specific goal. That objective is to try to fear you, maintain the status quo do not want to lose. They know that society is waking up and saying enough!, Raising their voices and demanding changes in the direction of each of these governments.
Drones, today feels no death, no one lives, not experienced by the one in control and the ability to press a button to throw a bomb like Hiroshima. It is an object, not feel. And kills, no matter how many. Mata. Born to Kill, drones meet your goal.
Are you willing or ready to fall with these Drones death on you, your children, your family?
Why then do not raise your voice, to stop, to stop these war industries that take away resources to you, your children, your family to live and a source of death of other children, men and women?
Drones, not all the capacity of high-tech defense industry developed to kill. It's just a part of it and use your fear. A fear created, as created the fiction of Orson Welles Martian invasion by that day.
Listen: If you did not believe you can be attacked by terrorist acts, would you let the government of these countries they belong, will above the law, the Constitution, the Convention and Human Rights?, Probably not. Look at the facts, look objectively the process followed by the increase of the generation and use of high-tech defense industry. Ask yourself: When you started? What interests behind it? Do not close your eyes, look away will not change the position of responsibility that fits you. It will make you less complicit in the deaths that these governments, and their interests driven by the power of the arms industry holds.
Drones, death planes. Demand your representatives, your government give you clear answers on what they are and were created. What does Al-Qaeda, What government laws guarantee the exercise of targeted killings?. It's in your hands to stop this escalation intended to lead the world.

Are your taxes, your money, which today is in check to support the death machines.Think.

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